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About Airsoft and T.a.s.l

Hello And welcome to Truckee Airsoft League. T.a.s.l. is composed of two basic teams. T.A.S.L. And BadKarma. If you just want to play and just have fun than T.A.S.L. is the way to go but if you would like a Militant airsoft training and Vigerous workouts than BadKarma is the place you want to be. T.A.S.L this is the bulk of the team who are people just wanting to have fun. Its General is in charge of all of T.A.S.L. but usualy keeps outy of BadKarmas way. BadKarma is the militant T.A.S.L. but do all sorts of military training. alot more time consuming. AIRSOFT Airsoft is a rapidly growing sport which involves high spirits lots good boots rse an airsoft gun. It is a game where you either have a spring, Electric,or gas gun which propels 6mm plastic bb's usualy from 250 fps to 350 fps. it is a fun and relitivly safe sport. I sugest you try it.