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Wanna Join?

If you like paintball, but it is a little too expensive for ammo, and/or you don't like the mess of it, airsoft is the answer. If you read the "what is airsoft" on this page, it's probably clear to you that Airsoft is a lot better than paintball. If you want to join, we have a few simple requirements that will get more intense as time progresses. Here they are:


Every member of this organization must posses their own equipment and ammo. T.A.S.L. will not provide guns, ammo, or accessories. You must get your own!!(To see where to purchase your airsoft gear, visit the "what is airsoft" page on the menu) You may use any airsoft gun that shoots under 350 feet per second.(To get hit with something going faster that would make a good day bad.). You can Email me and I will tell you what would be the best gun to get, depending on how much money you want to spend, and your specialty.


There are not really any requirements yet for battledress. There are recommendations.
You are recommended to wear some type of camo. We will be playing in wooded areas, so you should wear some type of dark, wood camo, preferably a Woodland BDU.(Note: It is preferred that you get a real military woodland BDU, because when T.A.S.L. gets more organized, that is when we will begin to converge those recommendations into requirements!!)
It is highly highly recommended that you wear hiking boots or combat boots. Sneakers or sandals just don't give you the look or the protection for rugged terrain. You are also required to have goggles, a paintball mask, or something to protect your eyes.

Email Us!

If you are interested about airsoft, and are thinking of joining us, then send an Email to