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Welcome to the Truckee AirSoft League hompage!

Opperation Sierra Tango was a great success. Although not as many people showed up as I hoped for we still had a great time. CGSGT. Jones, CPT. Emley, 2nd LT. Surwillo and Major Hobart attended this event. Jones, Surwillo and Hobart were part of the marines, while Emley was a mountain man. The marines compleated all but 1 of the objectives in this all day game. To see the mission report go to Black op sixand read up on it. But all in all it was a great success and I hope to do it again soon.
By:Major Hobat

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Note: This organization is not quite in full swing yet, most players, are still getting equipment. We will be skirmishing regularly in a few months. Dont hesitate to ask any questions on our message board the team will be happy to answer all the questions you have.