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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a game a lot alike paintball, yet less messy, and highly more realistic to the modern battle situation. It was developed in Japan after paintball increased in popularity in the U.S. Airsoft guns are powered by a spring, electrically, or even by gas. Airsoft guns propel 6mm plastic bb's at varying speeds. Airsoft guns are in most case replica's of real firearms such as, M-16's, AK-47's, MP5's, and many others. Airsoft pistols have also been created such as Colt 45's, Beretta 9mm's, and even the infamous Desert Eagle. There are also many other types of airsoft weapons such as Shotguns, bolt action sniper rifles with extreme accuracy, multi-barreled miniguns with an ungodly rate of fire, M60's, and even grenade launchers. As airsoft increases popularity, from Japan to Hong Kong, to the UK, to the US, the weapon variety increases as well.

Because of the realistic look and feel of the weapons, the sport follows suit. Many teams from around the world dress in realistic military uniforms, and battle gear. Teams also incorporate real battle scenarios into the sport. Scenarios like hostage rescue, take the bunker, find the missing pilot before the enemy does, and kill the leader are played around the world. These scenarios are played in different environments as well like close quarters, jungle warfare, and urban warfare. Airsoft players are always looking for new ways to make the experience more realistic, and enjoyable.

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